Winter Commuting: 3 Vehicle Items for Winter 2020

Winter 2020 will be different in many aspects, from social distancing to relying more on our technology to connect with friends and family. But as Chicagoans, we know winter is frigid cold, slushy snow, and never enough daylight. It’s never too early to plan ahead and make sure you’re ready for any unexpected winter occurrence.

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Overviewing The BMW X5

Out of all the modern-day SUVs that are on the market today, the BMW X5 is one of the better options. This particular SUV has it all and can do no wrong thanks to its abundance of wonderful features. Shifting gears is very simply with the SUV's rotary knob. This shifter is located near the center console. The BMW X5 also offers 12.3-inch multimedia displays. A ton of advancements are built into these advanced displays, including settings, vehicle information, maps and popular apps.

The BMW X5 has a 335-horsepower engine that will blast from zero to 60 mph…

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The Majestic BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series is a standout automobile. This full-size, luxury sedan has it all from a beautiful exterior to a masterfully built interior. It is estimated that five persons can sit comfortably in its cabin on leather-appointed seats. There's also at least 18-cubic feet of cargo space that's available, which is 2 feet larger than its closest competitor's trunk space. The 7 Series will come equipped with Engine Start/Stop function.

Trims, trims and more trims. This sedan will come in multiple trim levels, such as the 745e, 740i, Alpina B7 and M760i. In addition to…

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Leasing vs Buying a Vehicle

Leasing vs buying at Patrick BMW?
Some do and some don’t. Some will and some won’t.

What does it mean to lease a vehicle?

Leasing allows you to get into a more expensive vehicle or one with more options because you are only paying for the time you are using it. Technically, the leasing company owns the car and they are borrowing it to you for the approved time and mileage of use. There are lower out-of-pockets costs when acquiring and maintaining the vehicle. Monthly payments are lower, and you get the pleasure of owning a new car every few years. The drawback is…

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How to Prepare Your Car For Winter

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Winter comes and goes every year. With this, you have to be mindful of how to best prepare your car for the winter months in Illinois. Follow our list below to ensure that both you and your car, truck or SUV are ready for the sometimes brutal winter months ahead.

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Seize The Opportunity of A BMW 8 Series Coupe

Better Than Superior

The 8 Series Coupe is beyond any two-door coup available with its twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder motor. 

It's a coup that is innovated and destined for the ultimate acceleration.

This rear-wheel-drive beast comes in three different models:

  • 840i Coupe
  • 840i xDrive Coupe
  • M850i xDrive Coupe

When choosing the right 8 Series from places like Patrick BMW, your starting point begins with the world's best 840i Coupe and goes up even higher in quality to the M850i xDrive Coupe. 

Power Mated With Efficiency


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New BMW 6 Series Review

The new BMW 6 Series has a spacious cargo room, a high-end cabin, and a wide range of robust engines. Nevertheless, it ranks close to the bottom of the comfortable large SUV class, in a big part since its projected possession costs are high for the section. Moreover, this car lacks the tight handling associated with several SUVs of its class.
•    Powerful engines
•    Updated standard features
•    User-friendly infotainment system
•    Excellent cargo space in Gran Turismo models
•    Confined rear seats
•    So-so handling
BMW 6-series features

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The Automotive Differential Explained

You might see a differential listed among a vehicles specs. If you're unsure about this components purpose, were happy to explain at Patrick BMW.

Turning a car requires the outside wheels and inside wheels to travel at different speeds. Also, the outside wheels will travel farther during the turn. If a car's designer does not allow for those facts, the car will lose valuable traction. Fortunately, the differential is a standard component on every two-wheel-drive vehicle.

Suppose you rode around Schaumburg on an ancient chariot. 

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When You Need Brake Service

When you notice an issue with your braking system, you should schedule an appointment right away with the certified and skilled technicians at the auto service center of Patrick BMW. Keep these common issues in mind when considering whether your brakes are due for an inspection.

If it takes you longer than usual to stop, then you might have a problem with your brakes. The same is true if you have to put extra pressure on the brake pedal to get your car to come to a complete stop or if you hear strange noises when trying to stop. Any…

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