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With BMW USA back to building cars and trucks at full speed, you can pre-order or reserve your next BMW.  We have new models arriving every week.

To learn more about one of the below incoming models simply submit an inquiry by providing the CHASSIS# and a member of the Patrick Direct Sales Team will provide the pricing, options, ETA (estimated date of arrival) and answer any questions you may have.  

Incoming 2020 M8 Series Models
(starting MSRP $133,000 on M8 models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
 2020BMW M8 Coupe CE00643 Black Sapphire Metallic Black Full Merino Leather $142,395
Incoming 2021 BMW 2 Series Models
(starting MSRP $37,500 on 2 Series models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
 2021 BMW230xi Coupe7G56685 Jet Black Black SensaTec with Red Stitching $42,185
 2021 BMW228xi Gran Coupe7G52504 Alpine White Black SansaTec $41,495
 2021 BMW228xi Gran Coupe7G53801 Mineral Grey Metallic Oyster/Black SansaTec $42,045
 2021 BMW228xi Gran Coupe7G75407  Mineral Grey MetallicMocha Perforated Dakota Leather  $48,495
 2021 BMWM235xi7G60035 Alpine White Magma Red Perforated Dakota Leather $48,145
 2021 BMWM235xi7G55082 Black Sapphire Metallic Black Perforated Dakota Leather with Blue Highlight$48,095
 2021 BMWM235xi7G76669 Mineral Grey Metallic Black Perforated Dakota Leather$53,570

Incoming 2021 BMW 3 Series Models
(starting MSRP $41,250 on 3 Series models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis# Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
2021 BMW330xi8B51001 Alpine WhiteBlack SansaTec$46,035
 2021 BMW330xi8B51931 Jet BlackBlack SansaTec$46,035
 2021 BMW330xi8B52367 Jet BlackBlack SansaTec$48,945 
 2021BMW 330xi8B52387 Jet BlackBlack SansaTec$48,945
 2021 BMW330xi8B52438 Alpine WhiteBlack SansaTec$46,285
Incoming 2021 BMW 7 Series Models
(Starting MSRP $86,800 on 7 Series models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
 2021BMW750xi CF44096Black Sapphire MetallicIvory White and Black Nappa Leather $115,595

Incoming 2021 BMW X1 Models
(Starting MSRP $35,400 on X1 models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
 2021BMW X1 xDrive28i 5S21606 Alpine WhiteBlack Sansatec  $42,845
 2021BMW X1 xDrive28i 5S22491 Black Sapphire Metallic Black Sansatec $43,395
 2021BMW X1 xDrive28i 5S23563 Alpine White Oyster/Black SansaTec $41,395

Incoming 2021 BMW M2 Series Models
(Starting MSRP $58,900 on M2 models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
2021BMW M240xi Coupe7G59786Alpine WhiteBlack SansaTec$50,945

Incoming 2021 BMW M3 Series Models
(Starting MSRP $56,700 on M3 models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
2021 BMWM340xi 8B50352 Portimao Blue MetallicBlack SensaTec$61,545
2021 BMWM340xi 8B50416 Black Sapphire MetallicBlack SensaTec$59,935
2021 BMW M340xi 8B50559 Alpine WhiteBlack SensaTec $59,385
2021 BMW M340xi 8B50681Mineral Grey Metallic  Black SensaTec$59,935
2021 BMW M340xi 8B50712 Black Sapphire MetallicBlack SensaTec $61,545
2021 BMW M340xi 8B50900 Alpine WhiteBlack SensaTec$62,695
2021 BMW M340xi 8B51008Portimao Blue Metallic Black SensaTec$64,820
2021 BMW M340xi 8B52602 Alpine WhiteBlack SensaTec$60,995
Incoming 2021 BMW M4 Series Models
(Starting MSRP $69,150 on M4 models)

YearBrandModelChassis #Exterior ColorInterior ColorMSRP
 2021 BMW M440xi CF44157 Dravit Grey Metallic Black Vernasca Leather with Blue Contrast Stitching$69,170 
 2021 BMW M440xi CF39135Black Sapphire MetallicTacora Red Vernasca Leather with Contrast Stitching $66,070

Incoming 2021 BMW M5 Series Models
(Starting MSRP $103,500 on M5 models)

YearBrandModelChassis #Exterior ColorInterior ColorMSRP
 2021 BMW M5CF37240Midnight Sapphire MetallicTartufo Full Merino Leather$129,845

Incoming 2021 BMW M8 Series Models
(Starting MSRP $130,000 on M8 models)

YearBrandModelChassis #Exterior ColorInterior ColorMSRP
 2021 BMW M8 Gran Coupe CF25687Donington Grey MetallicBlack Extended Merino Leather$139,045
 2021 BMW M8 Gran CoupeCF16626Black Sapphire MetallicBlack Extended Merino Leather $114,495

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