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With BMW USA back to building cars and trucks at full speed, you can pre-order or reserve your next BMW near Elk Grove Village and Hoffman Estates.  We have new models arriving every week.

To learn more about one of the below incoming models simply submit an inquiry by providing the CHASSIS# and a member of the Patrick Direct Sales Team will provide the pricing, options, ETA (estimated date of arrival) and answer any questions you may have.  

Incoming 2021 BMW 2 Series Models
(starting MSRP $37,500 on 2 Series models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
 2021 BMW228xi Gran Coupe7H18206Jet BlackOyster/Black SensaTec$39,745
 2021 BMW228xi Gran Coupe7H37122Jet BlackOyster/Black SensaTec$41,695
Incoming 2021 BMW 3 Series Models
(starting MSRP $41,250 on 3 Series models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis# Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
2021 BMW330xi8B67918Alpine WhiteBlack SansaTec$45,135
 2021 BMW330xi8B67960Alpine WhiteCanberra Beige SensaTec$45,135
 2021BMW330xi8B68990Alpine WhiteBlack SensaTec$47,035
 2021BMW330xiFK50370Alpine WhiteCanberra Beige SensaTec$47,935
 2021BMW330xi8B68163Portimao Blue MetallicBlack SensaTec$50,785
 2021 BMW330xi FK63267Portimao Blue MetallicBlack Vernasca Leather with Blue Contrast stitching$54,520
 2021 BMW330xi  8B67903Black Sapphire Metallic  Cognac Vernasca Leather with contrast stitching$55,370 

Incoming All New 2021 BMW 4 Series Models
(Starting MSRP $45,600 on 4 Series models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
 2021BMW430xi Coupe CF96676Jet BlackBlack SensaTec$54,760
 2021BMW 430xi Coupe CF89175Alpine WhiteBlack SensaTec$58,070
 2021 BMW430xi Coupe CF85252 Black Sapphire Metallic Black Vernasca Leather with Blue Contrast stitching$61,470 

Incoming 2021 BMW 5 Series Models
(Starting MSRP $54,200 on 5 Series models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
 2021BMW530xIWX01600 Dark Graphite MetallicBlack Perforated SensaTec59285
 2021BMW530xI WX01646Mineral White MetallicCognac Perforated SensaTec59285
 2021BMW530xI CF80338Black Sapphire MetallicCognac Perforated SensaTec59285
2021BMW 530xIWX04863  Alpine White Cognac Perforated SensaTec 59335
 2021BMW 530xI CG07202 Jet Black Cognac Perforated SensaTec59335 
 2021BMW 530xI CG07338 Jet Black Black Perforated SensaTec 59335
2021BMW 530xI WX03297 Dark Graphite Metallic Black Perforated SensaTec 59885
 2021BMW 530xI CG09853  Bernina Grey Amber Effect Metallic Cognac Perforated SensaTec 59885
 2021BMW 530xICG12253  Dark Graphite MetallicBlack Perforated SensaTec 61535 
 2021BMW 530xI CG03316Alpine White Black Perforated SensaTec  64385
 2021 BMW 540xi CG09838 Jet Black Black Perforated SensaTec 64540
 2021 BMW 540xi CG10182 Jet Black Black Perforated SensaTec 64540
 2021 BMW 540xi WX02545 Bernina Grey Amber Effect Metallic Black Perforated SensaTec 65090
 2021 BMW 540xi CG04791Black Sapphire Metallic  Black Perforated SensaTec 65090
 2021 BMW 540xi CG09771 Black Sapphire Metallic Black Perforated SensaTec 65090
 2021 BMW 540xi WX03315 Alpine White Black Perforated SensaTec66940 
 2021 BMW 540xi CG03397 Bernina Grey Amber Effect Metallic Black Perforated SensaTec 67490
 2021 BMW 540xi WW99798 Alpine White Black Perforated SensaTec 69690
 2021 BMW 540xiWX02042  Alpine White Black Perforated SensaTec70165 
 2021 BMW 540xi WX00239 Black Sapphire Metallic Black Perforated SensaTec 70240
 2021 BMW 540xi WX00338 Bernina Grey Amber Effect Metallic Black Perforated SensaTec70240 
 2021 BMW 540xi CG14350Black Sapphire Metallic  Black Perforated SensaTec 70715

Incoming 2021 BMW X1 Models
(Starting MSRP $35,400 on X1 models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
 2021BMW X1 xDrive28i 5S42782Jet BlackBlack Sansatec  $41195
 2021 BMW X1 xDrive28i5S69972 Jet Black Black SensaTec 41395
 2021 BMW X1 xDrive28i5S72858 Jet Black Black SensaTec 41395
 2021 BMW X1 xDrive28i5S74959  Jet Black Black SensaTec 41395
 2021 BMW X1 xDrive28i 5S54370Mineral Grey Metallic  Black SensaTec 41945

Incoming 2021 BMW X2 Models
(Starting MSRP $36,600 on X2 models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
 2021BMW X2 xDrive28i 5S57358Alpine WhiteBlack Sansatec 41695
 2021 BMW X2 xDrive28i 5S68146 Sunset Orange MetallicBlack Perforated Dakota Leather 54320 

Incoming 2021 BMW M550i xDrive Models
(Starting MSRP $76,800 on M550i xDrive models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
 2021BMWM550xiCG11439Black Sapphire MetallicBlack Dakota Leather with contrast stitching$83,585

Incoming 2021 BMW M740i xDrive Models
(Starting MSRP $89,800 on M740i xDrive models)

 Year Brand Model Chassis # Exterior Color Interior Color MSRP
2021BMWM740xiCF96350Carbon Black MetallicMocha Nappa Leather$100,245
 2021 BMW M750xiCF82641 Donington Grey Metallic  Ivory White and Black Nappa Leather$114,745 

Incoming 2021 BMW M850i xDrive Series Models
(Starting MSRP $108,900 on M850i xDrive models)

YearBrandModelChassis #Exterior ColorInterior ColorMSRP
 2021 BMWM850xi GC CF81422Carbon Black MetallicCognac Extended Merino Leather$112,495
 2021 BMWM850xi GC CF82929Black Sapphire MetallicBlack Extended Merino Leather$113,095
 2021 BMWM850xi GC CF85732Alpine WhiteBlack Extended Merino Leather$113,095
 2021 BMW M850xi GC CF98211 Alpine White Black Extended Merino Leather$116,345 

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