The BMW i8 Roadster is an innovative plug-in hybrid vehicle which represents the future of electric mobility - while capturing the classic emotions of freedom and exhilaration you expect from a BMW.
The i8 allows you to repurpose energy while driving so you can restore battery on the go! Charge up at your level 2 charging station at home or at any of the 44,000+ charging stations across the country in as little as three hours!
The four driving modes the i8 Roadster offers allows you to drive based on your preference. The standard comfort mode offers a balance between sporty performance and fuel efficiency. Sport mode engages the power of the combustion engine, with extra boost provided by the electric motor. Eco Pro mode supports a more efficient, optimized driving style that can be used in both all-electric mode and blend mode. Lastly, eDrive mode is purely electric, offering a max speed of 75 mph.
Just by looking at the i8 Roadster you see its power. But if you look under the hood you'll find an AC Synchronous Electric Motor; 11.6 kWh lithium-ion battery; 1.5 liter BMW TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder.

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