Battery Powered Toy Car Fun

Do you get a kick out of remote control or battery operated cars?  Ever since I was little I always had a blast watching my brother play with his. This day and age remote control cars seem to  be on steroids. What do I mean? You know, those battery operated cars that kids can sit in and control? What will they think of next? 

The tyke-sized cars are every kid's dream, and parents might love them just as much. If you are a family that loves the BMW brand, there is even a model for you.  A quick search and you will find various BMW 'models' available for your kids, these include 6-Volt powered i8 and X6 or X5, as well as a 12-Volt powered 4 Series or Z-4.  These can be controlled by a child via steering wheel and pedal or by parent. They pick up speed pretty quickly, though parents can control the speeds of the cars which is great for as they grow with it. Your child would likely feel so proud to be driving the same car as their parents drive, and they would be cruising around the neighborhood in style. 

While these kid-sized BMWs aren't cheap, they make for a very happy child, and a chance for a parent to show their love of BMWs. Toys are becoming more and more exciting don't you think?

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