There are so many things to consider will deciding which car should be your next for commuting around Schaumburg. Preferences in the type of vehicle, what it'll be used for, and the desire for something a bit more luxurious are things that may cross your mind. If a luxury sedan is what you decide fits you best, then the BMW 6 Series desires a closer look.

There are a number of features and characteristics to discover about the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo upon arrival at Patrick BMW. For instance, the Series 6 Gran Turismo is built with plenty of leg and headroom. If you do happen to look up, you will be greeted a majestic Panoramic moonroof that provides an expanded view of the sky for all passengers.

With its improved aerodynamics, the BMW 6 Series sedan becomes a master of maneuverability. The implementation of Air Curtains and Breathers, an active rear spoiler, and the Active Kidney grille work together to reduce overall resistance while driving.



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