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Pair your HTC One X to your BMW

  1. In vehicle:
    Enable "Bluetooth": "Main menu" → "Telephone" → "Option" → "Bluetooth" → "Bluetooth" on.
    Pair new device: "Main menu" → "Telephone" → "Add new device"
  2. On mobile device:
    Enable "Bluetooth" and start pairing:
    "Applications" → "Settings" → "Bluetooth" → "Bluetooth" on → "Search for devices".
    Mobile phone will automatically start searching for Bluetooth-devices in range. Select "BMW xxxxx" device from the list of Bluetooth devices found.
  3. Passkey entry vehicle and on mobile device (depending on the entry command prompt):
    Enter identical passkey in car and mobile phone. Note: Complete pairing within 30 seconds or repeat procedure. "Data Communication" and/ or "Bluetooth-Audio" can be selected if compatibility is given and using desired.
    Note: System holds a maximum of four devices. Delete devices via "Options" and select "Remove from list" if required.
  4. On mobile device:
    Authorise the device to be paired automatically in future:
    Check the field "Always allow this device", and press "Accept".The device is now registered (paired). Information about Bluetooth pairing will be found in the instruction manual of the mobile device

For more information please see your owner’s manual or call us at 847-843-4000.